As much as our beautiful smoked fish deserves to hog the limelight, it also works well dotted into side dishes. Each variant (flaky hot roasted, hot smoked with honey and thyme, can be substituted with the other.

Turning smoked salmon into a creamy pâté allows for use of thrifty smoked salmon trimmings. As unglamorous as they sound, they are a lot cheaper than the standard sliced and unsliced options, and nobody will tell the difference once cut up really small, these trimmings can be used in any of the following recipe ideas and your guests will never know the difference and does not mean breaking the bank to enjoy our smoked salmon products.

Cold pasta salad is great for lunchboxes and party spreads this can be made in advance and add simple flavours like fresh basil, coriander leaf or dill with clementine or mandarins.

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There are infinite uses of our smoked salmon variants in canapés and “light bites”., One simple option is to serve a slice of the smoked fish on a pancake, oatcake or on toast, but try it in tortilla rolls with cream cheese or spicy pickles, or on toasted French bread sticks with lashings of melted cheese and good old fashioned pickle (posh cheese on toast).

How about creating a smoked salmon “dip” to have with crisps while watching the telly? This can be made in minutes using simple store cupboard ingredients such as lime or lemon juice and mayonnaise or crème fraiche, just simply serve with your favorite potato crisps or nibbles

These options are great for the cold long winter nights and can be prepared in minutes using everyday store cupboard and fridge ingredients.

Carbonara Recipe

Carbonara Recipe

Potted fish is a vastly under-rated starter – it’s traditionally made with crab, shrimps or mackerel, but a mix of both hot smoked and cold cured smoked works a treat. A simple recipe is a little like a pate, in that the hot smoked salmon is flaked until fine and it’s spreadable. Pour melted butter and lemon over the salmon and leave to set until a bright yellow hard layer has formed over the top, a very simple dinner party starter which can be made days in advance and served simply with Melba toast and a tomato or onion chutney!

Experiment with filling flavours by combining your smoked salmon with matching ingredients like dill, capers, cream and red onion. Simply Serve with crispy salad and flavored crème fraiche – try adding wholegrain mustard, horseradish or lemon juice and black pepper.

Add your fish to a leek and potato soup right at the end of cooking, meaning the smoked salmon will retain its texture but will add its salty, smoked flavours to the soup and create your own simple chowder, our hot smoked products work well with this and you don’t need to be a Michelin chef to produce this high class dish and impress your friends.

A smoked salmon dauphenoise potato bake with fresh tarragon leaf is perfect for dinner parties as a starter served simply with a horseradish and dill dressed salad. Or as a side dish with “surf and turf” (steak and seafood)

If you’ve not quite managed to make your way through a whole pack, use up those last few slices in a pasta dish. There are tons of ways to serve it, but typically it works well with lemon, crème fraiche & and with light herbs like basil or dill. You could also try it in place of bacon in a carbonara.

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